Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sebastian Bach - Battle With The Bottle


OK. It's been literally 13 years since I have shot a video. But right now, I am proud to say... I have a brand new video called 'Battle With The Bottle', shot by Wayne Isham!! I am extremely proud of the video & song.

This video could actually make the CMT Top 20 Video Countdown. All you have to do is go here & VOTE! If enough of us do so, 'Battle With The Bottle' will indeed make the Countdown. It's that simple.

Here is the link to vote

It would be incredible for everyone involved if this video made the countdown. 'Gone Country 2' has been on TV since August, the whole point of the show is to make some great music, and here it is! Lets make the TV show count by giving this video the support we have been waiting 13 years to give.

Yes, its on youtube (viewable below), but the quality sucks on youtube! 'Battle With The Bottle' is shot on Hi-Def.. so you should all see it on your home theatre systems with the best picture and sound. Not on a cell phone !

Let's not make it another 13 years until the next video!! It truly is up to YOU !!

Asadar, primul videoclip al lui Sebastian Bach dupa 13 ani. Piesa e beton. Din pacate, ne dam seama ca e country dupa chitara, palarie si ceva de la refren. Puteti sa intrati pe link-ul de mai sus sa il ajutati sa intre in CMT Top 20 Video Countdown. Eu am intrat, dar cand am vazut numele insirate acolo am uitat motivul vizitei si l-am votat pe Keith Urban.

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