Friday, July 3, 2009

Twisted Sister - 30 (Video)

Cei de la Twisted Sister au filmat un videoclip la piesa 30, un bonus track de pe editia aniversara a albumului Stay Hungry. Se pare ca au si planuri de viitor, dupa dezastrul numit A Twisted Christmas, conform declaratiilor lui Dee Sneider:

One thing that I'm really excited about is the musical based on the Christmas album, that thing has taken a life of its own. The musical incorporates most of the Christmas album, select Twisted Sister songs both famous and infamous, but it needs another 8 to 10 new songs to help to tell the story, so we have been writing at the present time. The new material will be for a new record that will be a companion piece to the Christmas record. A Twisted Christmas the musical will launch in 2010, it's new material but not new music, it's much bigger, and it will be part of the bigger picture. Ultimately we won't even be in it, because it is about a fictitious band, loosely based on us. I hope to create something that will be free standing, alternative holiday entertainment but that can go on long after we're done performing.


Paul Slayer Grigoriu said...

"A Twisted Christmas" e un album foarte bun si ideea de a canta colindele in stilul altor trupe (Maiden, Priest, Ramones etc.) a dat un rezultat simpatic foc.

Dave said...

Hai sa spunem adevarul: e o trupa terminata. Americanii au inceput sa rada de ei ca suna ca o trupa de modern country pe piesa asta.

Tom said...

mie mi s-a parut terminata inca de la inceput