Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Incredibil (II)

Dar adevarat. Trupa Def Leppard are trei nominalizari la Country Music Televison Awards 2009, la urmatoarele categorii:

CMT Performance of the Year:
Artist: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift

Wide Open Country Video of the Year:
Nine Lives
Artist: Def Leppard and Tim McGraw


Artist: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift

Mai mult, cei de la Def Leppard au fost invitati sa cante la ceremonia care va avea loc pe 16 iunie 2009. Asta sa fie inceputul? Aici gasiti un articol despre legaturile celor de la Def Leppard cu acest gen muzical. Am ales cateva fragmente:

In Britain it wasn't something that was on the radio all the time, but the cream rises. Even in the early '70s, and long before then, there'd be the odd song in the Top 20, even in England. It would be country-based music -- Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash and people like that. Occasionally the BBC -- at midnight or maybe twice a year -- would show the Grand Ole Opry. You'd see all these people whooping it up with their hats and their boots on, which was very unusual for us. We came from working-class Sheffield, which is more comparable to somewhere like Pittsburgh. It's a steel town. So it was totally alien.

There's always a first day when you discover a band, whether it's the Beatles or Taylor Swift. You hear the name for the first time, and then you go and check it out. We Google'd her, iTune'd her, listened to it all and said, 'Well ... wow!' Look at how many records she'd been selling and look how young and pretty she is and how exciting it is to be at that point of a career -- because we were there once a long time ago before (she was) born. Of course, the first thing we did -- 15, 20 minutes later -- was try to get a hold of her. 'Let's see if we can actually get this going.' It took a year, but you know, here we are.

I think we first noticed a change in the 'country attitude,' if you like, when we started seeing videos. ... I remember the first time I saw a Garth Brooks video where they smashed two acoustic guitars together on stage. I looked beyond that and said, 'That's Van Halen's lighting rig.' It moved into rock, really. The cowboy hat was still there, but the way it was dressed up was very much similar to the way MTV was in the late '80s.

Am ales doua piese, Photograph a celor de la Def Leppard si Picture To Burn a lui Taylor Swift, ambele cantate de Taylor Swift si Def Leppard. Eu va recomand Picture To Burn, sa vedeti cu cata bucurie canta cei de la Def Leppard o piesa compusa de Taylor Swift. De asemenea, puteti sa o ajutati pe Taylor Swift sa castige un premiu la CMT Awards 2009. Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa votati aici. E nevoie de inregistrare, dar nu dureaza mult. Dupa aceea, bifati Taylor Swift peste tot.

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