Monday, June 9, 2008

Wednesday 13 - Skeletons

Shock rockerul Wednesday 13 isi continua activitatea inceputa in cadrul genului horror punk cu Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 si Murderdolls pe cont propriu. Lansarea celui de-al treilea album sub numele Wednesday 13, Skeletons, a fost precedata de o gramada de povesti, una mai interesanta ca alta, cum ii sta bine unui rocker pasionat de filme de serie B.

When I started actually writing the songs for this record, I would go into my little studio I have at my home and I would do demos of these songs and I wouldn’t even know what I’d wrote, I’d be so drunk by the time I was done. I’d get up the next day and listen to these demos and hear these songs and I had completed everything, the lyrics and everything. So I was just sort of writing out of my body, in a sense, because I didn’t even know what I had done ‘til the next day.

Se poate. Nu ar fi primul care face asta. Dupa ce a terminat inregistrarile pentru Skeletons, Wednesday 13 a avut un a avut un accident de masina. Nu se stie daca Wednesday 13 era sub influenta alcoolului in momentul accidentului, dar se stiu urmarile:

I don't know how I lived through it. It Look like Godyilla just took my car and smashed it into a ball. I somehow crawled out of it. That's why this record's creepy to me, because everything should have been destroyed in that car, including me, and it wasn't. It actually stayed ... it was right beside me in the passenger seat and did not move - the actual hard drive for the record - did not move. It was covered in glass. It didn't move at all.

Urmarile au fost fericite pentru Wednesday 13, sunt fericite si pentru noi. Dar sa vedem ce aduce nou Skeletons:

Everyone has just kind of painted me into a corner where it’s just all ‘Oh, he’s a horror rock guy, all of his songs are about ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ and zombies. With this record I writing more about some personal stuff. I realized that a lot of the things that were going on in my life were still kind of spooky and dark and horror-related. So, I still think this record’s kind of scary but it’s more of a real life scary.

Asta e prea de tot! Wednesday 13 chiar crede ca ne-a speriat vreodata!
(Sper ca ati citit printre randuri ca, din punct de vedere muzical, Skeletons nu se indeparteaza prea mult de Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead si Fang Bang.)

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