Friday, July 10, 2009

Faster Pussycat - Front Row For The Donkey Show

As close as it gets to the real thing "Front Row for the Donkey Show" from Faster Pussycat's first and ONLY live RECORD EVER! Featuring the hits Bathroom Wall, House of Pain, Sex Drugs Rock and Roll plus MORE! Along with a previously unreleased version of "It's only Rock and Roll".
So get your ticket, and enjoy the Show from the FRONT ROW! (Sweat not included)

1. Intro
2. Power & The Glory Hole
3. Cathouse
4. Slip of the Tongue
5. Number 1 with a Bullet
6. Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll
7. House of Pain
8. Where There's a Whip There's a Way
9. Porn Star
10. Bathroom Wall
11. Shut Up and Fuck
12. Babylon
13. It's Only Rock and Roll

Faster Pussycat a lansat Front Row For The Donkey Show, primul album live din carierea acestei legende a sleaze rock-ului. Cu toate ca actualul Faster Pussycat e mai degraba un proiect solo al lui Taime Downe, cu toate ca The Power And The Glory Hole, ultimul album de studio, a fost o combinatie intre Faster Pussycat si trupa de industrial a lui Taime Downe, The Newlydeads, aparitia acestui album e un eveniment deosebit pentru fanii genului, daca ne gandim ca trupele mari din noul val de sleaze ii citeaza pe Faster Pussycat ca principala influenta. Mai jos, o mostra de rock'n'roll pozitiv: Shut Up And Fuck.


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